What Parents Say...
"I would like to express my greatest thanks and appreciation to all the teachers and staff in Eager Beaver Schoolhouse...My nephew and son have been there since toddlers. At first I am worried that they might not be able to adapt to it, so I often sneak and peek at them. Of cos in the beginning, they tend to cry alot, making things so difficult for the teachers.. But in return, the teachers managed to calm them down and make them feel at ease in school. My nephew and son is 2 years in age difference....Both of them started singing, telling me all the things they learn in school. From what I know, Eager Beaver designs a lot of programs for them. Nature walks, swimming classes, speech & drama etc...And as for the school fees, it is very reasonable not like other childcares very expensive...Lastly I would really like to say it was lucky for me that I chose Eager Beaver Schoolhouse. And last but not least really thanks for the care and concern to all the teachers and staff. Hopefully more parents will enroll their child to Eager Beaver."
Mother & Guardian of Lloyd Lee and Titus Lim (Toddler Class & Class of N2 Year 2010)

"I send my second daughter, Danielle Yong to Eager Beaver Schoolhouse in Jan'07 since she was 2 months infant. It become the second home for her as she is growing and learning things there. Credits should go to teachers who are very patient and dedicated in sharing knowledge and educate the children besides taking care of them while parents are working. I still let her stay put even though it has shifted to another place as I know that my daughter is happy and well taken care of in Eager Beaver. Thank God the new place is so big, spacious and well decorated and most important, it's so convenient and nearer to my house...most of all I would like to thank all teachers for their effort and hardwork in educating and taking care of the children...GOD BLESS YOU ...."
Mother of Danielle Yong (Class of N2 Year 2010 )

"My Sherlyn inherited lots of good manners and habit...In fact, since she was in N1 class last December, she became very cheerful, always singing and dancing!  She used to be quite moody and does not handle her emotions well, but ever since...she is better in managing her moods."
Mother of Sherlyn Koh (Class of N2 Year 2010 )





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"I would like to take a moment to express my profound gratitude for the excellent care your teachers have provided for my 3 children. At first, my 1st kid began attending Eager Beaver since she was 8 months old, I was very apprehensive at first to put her in a large daycare at such a young age. Almost immediately, all my fears were put to rest. Eager Beaver provided a safe, loving environment for her...When my 2nd and 3rd children turned 2 months old, I had no doubts that I would enroll them to Eager Beaver...The staff at Eager Beaver has been nothing but supportive and I can see the great progress in my children. Eager Beaver provides an excellent program in which my children have flourished. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for quality daycare."
Mother of Alicia, Tricia and Marcus (Class of K2, N2 and Toddler 2011)