What Parents Say...
"My 2nd child, Damien, was born with a left eye defect which his Paediatric Ophthalmologist diagnosed as PHPV when he was 3 months old. Basically, this defect meant that his left vision was already severely impaired and that he is only left with 1 good eye. This became my main concern and top priority when I am searching for the right nursery/childcare for him. He was previously enrolled in another centre until I found Eager Beaver Schoolhouse (Yishun). I just feel that its the right place for him the moment I stepped into the school. I was right. It took him less than a week to settle into his new environment. The teachers are really passionate in what they are doing and plus the interesting and enriching programs the centre has for their students, it is not a surprise that Damien looks forward to school everyday. Now, Damien has his younger sister joining him in EB too. Like Damien, she looks forward to going to school too. A big big thank you to the teachers in EB for nurturing both my children into such delightful beings and guiding them to become so independent. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful and thankful for this team of teachers @ EB (Yishun) who really made a huge difference in my children's lives :) God Bless!"
Parents of Damien & Debbie Leong (Class of N1 & Flexi-Program Year 2011)

"Leonard started with Eager Beaver when he was 3.5 months old. From infant care class to toddler class, Leonard transited with minimal difficulties with the attention and love showered by everyone at EB. With his limited vocab, he now gestures excitedly at the pictures we flashed to "explain" the fun he had in EB. Kudos to the teachers for taking pics during activities and updating us on the curriculum. This reassures and keeps us involved in reinforcing his learning beyond hours in EB. With the move to a new premise, EB provided dedicated rooms which we felt will improve concentration span especially for toddlers. In addition, the new premise's proximity to neighbourhood shops allowed experiential learning which is otherwise limited at Safra Yishun. We have no qualms to recommend EB to others as we are hopeful that the children will grow into industrious and zealous individuals as suggested by the centre's name, Eager Beaver."
Parents of Leonard Tan (Toddler Class Year 2011)





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"When we were searching for a nursery for our first child, we wanted a place/home for her. A place that is not to stay for the next 8 hours and to be cared for, but a place that she can grow up, being loved by her care-givers/teachers...We choose Eager Beaver...for her teachers - dedicated, loved the children, responsible, and most importantly we felt a sense of God's peace that this is the place our first child will be in safe hands...thank you all teachers...who had been a part of Natalie's life and had the opportunity to shape and change her life. God bless you"
Mother of Natalie Loke (Class of K2 Year 2010)

I would like to commend Eager Beaver for some of your very fine teachers...My gal has joined EB since May 2010, and I must say I got more than what I had expected..."
Parents of Edna Chow (Class of N1 Year 2011)